Kickstart your carpooling program with us

1. We get to know your company’s needs

We contact you to learn more about your company and it’s needs regarding the carpooling program.

2. We set up the Poola app & help you launch

We set up the app specifically for your company, as well as help you design & implement a launch strategy.

3. Start building a carpooling community

Your coworkers start using the app . It automatically matches them by their addresses or pickup points for the most efficient commute. Any issues along the way? Don’t worry, we offer ongoing support for you and the carpoolers.

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Meet your company carpooling app


Fit carpooling into your daily routine

Set up your working hours and home location so that Poola can match you with the right people every day. Never provide the same information twice.

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Carpool with flexibility

No day is the same. Use Carpooling Calendar to update your daily schedule, change your rides and inform other carpoolers.

Live Map

Your commute in real-time

Always know what’s happening to your ride. View your colleagues’ location in real-time. Use chat and status updates to communicate with others.

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Get notified if anything changes

Sit back and relax. We will keep you informed about updates to your scheduled trips or new carpools you can join.

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What we offer?

Poola is a fully scalable & customizable solution. No matter what size is your organization, we can help you implement a carpooling program. We offer:

  • Full support in company carpooling program implementation
  • Polished carpooling mobile app (iOS and Android) for your employees
  • Weekly and monthly analytics & reporting
  • Administration platform deployed on secure Google Cloud Platform
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Benefits for your business


Carpooling means less parking problems, lower stress levels in the morning & cheaper commute for the employees. It also provides opportunities to strengthen social connections.


Carpooling also helps to reduce the impact of commuting on the environment, which helps to achieve CSR goals. It also proves to increase employee satisfaction & productivity.


Carpooling not only helps save money of the carpoolers, but also the company. It reduces parking occupancy and thus also the facility costs.

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Why Poola?

Poola is a new project by Parkalot – company parking management app trusted by dozens of the largest companies worldwide.

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Interested in a carpooling program for your company?
Get in touch with us and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

  • We will check if your company is eligible for a carpooling program
  • We will discuss potential savings & benefits for your company (parking costs, CSR)
  • We will show you possible implementation scenarios based on real-life examples

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