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Corporate Carpooling Program

Carpooling has been a traditional staple of the American workplace since the 1940s. While it was actively used in oil and energy crises, in this eco-friendly and conscious age, isn’t it time we revisit this cost saving measure again?

Powered by modern technology, and supported by companies, employees can carpool better than ever before. Thankfully, this brings benefits to both corporations and staff in the long run, so the real question is why aren’t more companies carpooling already?

What Are Corporate Carpooling Programs?

Everyone understands the basic premise of carpooling: where many people take the same car on a shared journey, rather than all driving separately. A corporate program takes this initial concept and uses the leverage of the business to both encourage and reward this behaviour during employee commutes.

In short, any business that has numerous staff (that ideally live near each other or en-route) and work at the same time (whether its fixed shift or multiple shifts) can benefit from carpooling initiatives.

What Kind Of Companies Can Benefit From Corporate Carpooling?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have over 50 employees?
  • Do my employees start and leave at the same time(s)?
  • Is my parking lot (or nearby parking options) limited and/or expensive?
  • Alternatively, does my business operate from a remote location where public transport is already limited?
  • Does the traffic generated by my company make a noticeable increase in local traffic, adding to the problem?
  • Do my employees want a green, eco-friendly solution to an everyday problem?,/li>

If the answer is yes to any of these, there’s a good chance corporate carpooling can help. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large city-centric, office-based companies or a large manufacturing plant accessible only by highway, there are always carpooling opportunities

Carpooling Benefits For Companies

Less parking space required

When parking is limited, carpooling serves to reduce the strain, rather than forcing companies to constantly acquire new, costly spaces. This also helps the business to grow more readily, as new employees can be added to the program straight away.

Increased productivity

Studies suggest that carpooling removes stress for the workforce, as they take it in turns driving. All of this comes back in the form of a more energetic, alert and productive work force.

Better company image

Green initiatives and conservative efforts are important these days. They are often a vital factor in how employees (both existing and potential) view businesses. Car sharing is one such way to help companies express their modern, eco-friendly side.

Carpooling Benefits For Employees

Integration and networking

Sharing a car in the morning often results in people that would otherwise not work together spending regular time together. This helps to connect people across departments and the wider company, improving integration.

Cost savings

Car sharing helps to spread all of the associated costs, such as fuel and parking costs (if applicable) amongst employees, helping them to take home more of their net pay each month.

Reduced congestion

When you have large workforces arriving and leaving work at the same time, this peak in traffic creates a natural bottleneck. Car sharing readily diminishes the number of vehicles, thus relieving the problem and letting everyone get home much more efficiently.

No strangers, more safety

With company-backed initiatives and platforms, employees are only ever riding with other employees. As such, there’s no danger with strangers (especially unknown drivers) and everyone knows where everyone is, giving staff one less thing to worry about.

Happy employees!

Between the above benefits and the positive culture and green image generated by your company, car sharing helps employees feel better about their work, their employer and themselves.

Why Are Corporate Initiatives Important?

It’s estimated that only approximately 9 per cent of Americans carpool to work. Even in the most forward-thinking regions, such as San Francisco, Phoenix or Seattle, this seldom peaks past 15%. In short – motivation is sorely needed.

A centralized program also frees up many of the challenges of organized carpooling, namely flexibility, reliability and trust. In other words, by having an managed initiative, employees know they can count of other drivers, are aware of any changes and have the flexibility to adapt when their usual drivers aren’t available.

A big difference here is that everyone that signs up to the initiative will be involved in the rideshare matching. Rather than having individuals frantically organize their own carpools on a daily basis, a central platform can let everyone know their options and ensure they know which carpool they will be using. Nobody will be late because they spent all morning calling their teammates in hopes of a lift!

How to get started?

1. We get to know your company’s needs

We contact you to learn more about your company and it’s needs regarding the carpooling program.

2. We set up the Poola app & help you launch

We set up the app specifically for your company, as well as help you design & implement a launch strategy.

3. Start building a carpooling community

Your coworkers start using the app . It automatically matches them by their addresses or pickup points for the most efficient commute. Any issues along the way? Don’t worry, we offer ongoing support for you and the carpoolers.

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