Carpooling Program in 3 Steps


Schedule a demo call to see how Poola works. We'll help you assess what results you can expect from carpooling in your specific case.


We set up your enterprise account according to your requirements. Your employees are invited and onboarded to the app.


Your coworkers start carpooling. Our algorithms match them to ensure efficient commute. If needed, the support team is here to help.

Meet Your Company Carpooling App

Easy Onboarding

Seamless part of the daily routine

Your employees set up their working hours and starting locations so that Poola can match them with the right carpoolers every day. It cannot be any easier!

Carpooling Calendar

Plan ahead but stay flexible

No day is the same. Your employees can use Carpooling Calendar to update their daily schedule, change rides and inform other carpoolers.

Live Map

Your commute in real-time

It’s important to know what’s happening to your ride. Carpoolers see their driver’s location in real-time and communicate with each other via chat and updates.


Get notified if anything changes

Time to sit back and relax. We keep your employees inofrmed about updates to their scheduled trips or new carpools they can join.

What we offer?

Poola is everything you need to launch a carpooling program at your company – from technology to hands-on expertise. Our solution is fully customizable and scalable, so no matter what size is your organization, we can help you with a successful implementation.

  • Free assessment of the viability and benefits
  • Custom configuration to fit your needs
  • iOS and Android app for your employees
  • Web admin panel with analytics & reporting
  • Ongoing support

Key Features

GDPR & Privacy

Poola's been designed with privacy in mind. On top of GDPR compliance, it offers multiple additional privacy features.


Admins get access to robust analytics about their carpooling operations. Regular users can access their trips history and stats.

Mobile App

To carpool on a daily basis, your employees use Poola app, available on Android and iOS. It's simple, fast and reliable.


We offer 24/7 support for Admins and Users. The app is updated and improved on a regular basis.


Every company is different. That's why we assist our Customers in customizing Poola to match their needs in 100%.


Using Carpooling Simulation, we help our Customers assess the viability of carpooling and how much they can save.

Benefits at Every Level


Carpooling means less parking problems, lower stress levels in the morning & cheaper commute for the employees. It also provides opportunities to strengthen social connections.


Carpooling also helps to reduce the impact of commuting on the environment, which helps to achieve CSR goals. It also proves to increase employee satisfaction & productivity.


Carpooling not only helps save money of the carpoolers, but also the company. It reduces parking occupancy and thus also the facility costs.

Is Carpooling right for your company?Run free simulation and find out!

Why Poola?

Poola is a new project by Parkalot – company parking management app trusted by dozens of the largest companies worldwide.

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  • We will discuss potential savings & benefits for your company (parking costs, CSR)
  • We will show you possible implementation scenarios based on real-life examples

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