Corporate Ridesharing

Want to kickstart an initiative that saves money for both you and your employees? Corporate ridesharing does that and more!

Great for small and large companies alike, Poola can help start, maintain and expand an ongoing rideshare program within your organization.

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What is corporate ridesharing?

Corporate ridesharing encourages employees to share transports when driving both to and from their place of work. It differs from traditional carpooling in that it is not a public, neighbourhood initiative, but one motivated directly by the corporation.

The logic is flawless. Most people live within a certain radius of their workplace so, with enough employees, there’s a good chance many of are sharing the same trip everyday. Ridesharing cuts down on vehicle numbers and motivates employees to share a ride – and gain from all the benefits, too!

Sounds great, but how can Poola help?

Corporate ridesharing program features

So who does Poola work? In addition to a beautiful and smooth app, we’ll support you in a number of ways:

Don’t have a program already up and running? Poola is more than an app - you’ll have our full support (and expertise) in getting this going!

Want to know how well everything is going? Our app provides regular reports to help you keep track of results, as well as share the good news!

Access our admin panel, stored securely on Google Cloud Platform, for real time insights and configuration. It’s both quick & easy to use!

Our app works out all the logistics, using employee addresses to create efficient commutes and pickup points for the biggest benefits!

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Benefits for companies

Less parking space needed

With less people driving, you don’t need to give up more valuable real estate for parking. As you grow, encourage new staff into the program to keep your lot to a minimum.

A greener image

Today’s businesses need to show a forward-thinking side. Corporate ridesharing doesn’t just cut costs. It shows both employees and the wider world that you care about the environment.

Stress free workforce

The daily commute can be very stressful. It’s been shown that ridesharing removes stress, which only helps to produce more productivity.

Benefits for employees

  • Cut down on costs - with more people in a car, everyone saves more money, which means they take more of their salary home every month.
  • Reduced congestion - if everyone starts and finishes work on the same shifts, traffic jams can be predictable. Corporate ridesharing results in less cars - and less congestion.
  • Staff integration - sharing a car enables your workforce to meet each other in the company, regardless of position or department. Keep your company integrated!
  • No strangers, no danger - corporate ridesharing programs mean employees always know who they’re sharing a ride with.
  • Automated planning - Poola automates commutes based on location, so employees don’t need to waste time planning their trips or finding neighbours. The app does all the work!
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Want to get started with corporate ridesharing?

Poola takes all the hard work out of corporate ridesharing.

Easily set-up your program, motivate employees and keep track of all the results – all with our support!

All it takes to get started is a quick conversation. We want to know about your company and your goals – so get in touch and let’s start ridesharing!

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  • We will check if your company is eligible for a ridesharing program
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  • We will show you possible implementation scenarios based on real-life examples

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