Carpooling Viability Simulation

Assess the viability and potential benefits of carpooling for your company

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Carpooling Simulation

Before starting, it is important to determine whether carpooling has a chance to work effectively in your company. Obstacles like low participation rate or geographical dispersion of employees can undermine your entire implementation strategy.

Participation in the survey is free of charge

Check viability

Based on an online employee survey and geodata we check whether carpooling may work effectively in your organisation.

Assess benefits

We estimate the potential savings (in parking spaces, fuel and carbon footprint) that you can expect from such program.

Employee Survey

In order to run the simulation we need to collect some basic info from employees through anonymous online survey. We provide you with an unique link that can be distributed via email. The report is compiled within 2 business days upon receiving the answers.

Examples of questions in the survey

How often do you commute to work by car?
Would you like to participate in the company’s carpooling program?
How would you like to participate? (driver / passenger)
What are your usual working hours?
Use a map to select your starting location.

Check what you can get from carpooling

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See Visualization Samples

See examples of how employees' dispersion and office location may affect savings from carpooling. Such visualizations are included in the viability reports we provide for our clients.

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  • We will check if your company is eligible for a carpooling program
  • We will discuss potential savings & benefits for your company (parking costs, CSR)
  • We will show you possible implementation scenarios based on real-life examples

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